Home Dog Boarding has become

a very popular alternative

to placing dogs in kennels.

It’s not hard to see why as, most dogs (if not all), prefer to be a loving and comfortable home from home, where they receive plenty of love and attention.

So why choose Home Dog Boarding over kennels? Here are 10 reasons why:


1.  Dogs are always in the company of a human.


2. You can come and meet us to visit your dog(s) potential home from home


3. Your dog(s) benefits from one on one attention, lots of walkies, fun and games and most importantly

endless love and attention.


4. Dogs settle in quicker in a home environment.


5. Dogs are less likely to feel stressed or suffer from separation anxiety.


6. Your dog(s) has the opportunity to socialise with other furry friends. Of course, there’s always the option of having your dog be the only dog in the home!


7. In kennels, dogs are prone to being left alone for longer periods of time in a relatively confined space. When in the care of a Man's Best Friend, dogs are free to roam, with long walks and given lots of love and attention and are welcomed as part of the family!


8. There’s less risk of dogs catching diseases like kennel cough, which can be easily contracted when dogs are exposed to the many other dogs at overnight kennels.


9. There’s less disruption to your dogs routine. We are happy to follow your dog(s) regular feeding, walking, exercising regimes, which helps alleviate dogs anxiety when they’re away from home.

10. Home Dog Boarding is an affordable alternative to kennels and pet hotels.


Next time you’re away, busy at work or require your dog(s) to be looked after on the

odd day of the week 


Per Individual Dog                                         Two Dogs                      Three Dogs

                                                                                                    ( all dogs must be from the same household )


      £20.00                        Per Night             £35.00                                £50.00


      £140.00                      7 Nights                 £245.00                          £350.00  


      £280.00                      14 Nights               £490.00                          £700.00


       £420.00                         21 Nights               £735.00                          £1,050



Only one Clients dog/s will be bordered at any time unless currently socialise with another dog

and only with concent from both owners


An Addition FEE will be charged for collection and delivery of dogs


Home boarding price per 24 hour stay (home away from home) all walks -You provide the food


Longer boarding periods are available - prices and availablity on request


Home Boarding Not Required - Use our Dog Home Visit Service


Some dogs young and old are happy to be left at home for the night. We can attend to feed,

let them out in their own garden or even take them for a walk if required


Man's Best Friend is a Trusted, Reliable  and Friendly Service


Angus Council Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 Licence No. AB76